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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Shaikh Ul Islam Trust

SITrust has derived its name from the great spiritual scholar Shaikh Ul Islam Saiyed Madni Miya Ashrafi Jilani. Shaikh Ul Islam Trust was started for spreading the real message of Islam to all spheres of life, be it through social service in times of calamities or through spiritual and religious works.
Shaikh Ul Islam Hazrat Saiyed Madni Miya Ashrafi Jilani himself presides the Trust and his JaNashin i.e. spiritual successor Hazrat Saiyed Hamza Ashraf Jilani is the Vice President and takes care of all the activities carried out under the aegis of SITrust. Hazrat Saiyed Hamza Ashraf is very active in this part and always participates very closely in the working of Trust. Currently 135+ Branches of SITrust are operational worldwide and all the branches are working in full fledge under the guidance and mentorship of Saiyed Hamza Ashraf to achieve the goals for which SITrust was given a structural form.
Working for religious and social welfare | Propagating Love, Peace and Harmony
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